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Welcome to my Online Portfolio site.

On this site you will find examples of my professional work as well as work from my undergraduate career as a Technical Communication major at Texas Tech University. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English (with a Specialization in Technical Communication) and a minor in Art History. The focus of my major included:

My interests include not only writing, but also web design and usability. I have also dabbled in Visual Basic, Javascript, and XML. I work with both the Windows and Mac OSX platforms daily and try to ensure that they both play together as nicely as possible. I also have experience with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Note: I have not included work from UPMC on this site as I only asked if I could take copies for my portfolio, not post it online. Please contact me if you wish to see this work.

Site last updated May 2009.