Usability Test Checklist (Narrator/Briefer)

Before each test participant comes:

__Know the objectives of each task

__Know the step related to each task scenario

__Know the team’s objective as related to video and data captures

__Coordinate efforts with the data recorder to ensure results are captured

__Make sure ach evaluation team member has a copy of the scenarios, questionnaires, 


When the participants arrive:

__Greet each participant

__Make sure the participant is comfortable

__Explain the purpose of the test

__Have the participant complete the survey

Before each test:

__Ask if the participant has any questions

__Remind the test participant to tell you when he or she has completed each task

__Put the “Testing in Progress” sign on the door.

During each test session:

__Ask if the test participant has any questions

__Manage any problems that arise

__Observe and take notes noting real problems and “big picture” results

During each task session:

__Provide information to the data recorder

__Work with the data recorder to verify the accuracy of actions and comments

After each task:

__Provide the participant with a questionnaire regarding that task

After the testing session:

__Conduct the follow up interview with the participant

__Thank the participant for his or her help

After the participant leaves:

__Review notes so they are legible

__Put all notes together

__Discuss problems and results with the team