You are a student in freshmen Composition English 1301. Your task is to log into the class website as a new user. You will access this page from the English Department’s TOPC interface.

To begin, go to www.english.ttu.edu.

Under the “Main Page” menu bar, which appears on the left side of the screen, choose TOPIC.

You can now begin TASK #1 using the online instructions.

Note: You will log in under the course “1301-099 Lang T 1:00”

Please write down your user name and password at the bottom of this sheet.

Please complete this task to the best of your ability. If you are completely unable to continue at any given time, please raise your hand and the test mentor will assist you.

You have now completed TASK #1. The test mentor will now provide you with a questionnaire concerning this task. After completion, please be patient as our evaluation team prepares for your next task.

User name: _______________________

Password: ________________________