Usability Participant Questionnaire
Thank you volunteering for our usability test. We will work to make sure the test environment is pleasant and fun for you. The results from our usability test will be used to help improve the TOPIC interface for future composition students.
The testing session will take approximately thirty minutes of your time.
Please take a moment of your time to answer the following questions. We will use your answers to establish your previous experiences with TOPIC, as well as your computer experience.
Name: ____________________________
Email address: _____________________
Age: __18____
Classification (please circle one): Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Other
1. How much experience have you had with a computer?

checkbox Never used
checkbox 1-6 months
checkbox 6-12 months
checkbox 1-3 years
checkbox 3 or more years
2. About how many hours a day do you use a computer?

checkbox Less than one hour
checkbox 1-3 hours
checkbox 3-6 hours
checkbox 6 or more hours
3. What type of computer do you use?

checkbox IBM or compatible
checkbox Macintosh
checkbox Laptop
4. Do you use Microsoft Windows?

checkbox Yes
checkbox No
5. What type of applications do you use (check all that apply)?

checkbox Word Processing
checkbox Spreadsheet
checkbox Presentation
checkbox Desktop Publishing
checkbox CD-ROM Multimedia
checkbox Other (please specify) ___________
6. What do you typically use your computer for?

checkbox Games and pleasure
checkbox Graphics
checkbox Accounting/finance
checkbox Data storage
checkbox Word processing
checkbox Programming
checkbox Other (please specify)___________
7. Have you ever used a Web browser?

checkbox Yes
checkbox No (please skip to question 10)
If you answered yes to question seven, please answer the following questions:
8. Which Web browser have you used? Check all that apply.

checkbox Microsoft Internet Explorer
checkbox Netscape Navigator
checkbox Other(s) (please specify) ___________
9. How long have you been browsing the Web?

checkbox Less than one month
checkbox 1-6 months
checkbox 6-12 months
checkbox More than one year

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