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Graphics How To / Tips

  • Scanned images do not need a resolution higher than 72 for display on a monitor or screen. A higher resolution for a graphic that is not intended to be printed is just a waste of file space.

  • Use a .gif file for simpler graphics, .gif files will display a transparent background

  • Use a .jpg for detailed graphics such as photographs, .jpg files will not display a transparent background

  • Troubleshooting tip: You are creating a page with a colored background. You saved your graphic with a transparent background, but the graphic has a white background that you don't want surrounding it. Check to make sure that your graphic is saved as a .gif file. Example

  • For larger graphics, to speed along the loading of your webpage, adding the width and height attributes to your <img src> tag will create a sort of "placeholder" telling how large your graphic will be.

    This placeholder allows a space to be left for the graphic to load in so the rest of the page can continue loading while the slower large graphic loads.

    For a graphic that is 60 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall, this code should read:   <img src="(file name or url)" width=60 height=60>


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