Title Graphic - HTML / CSS Help

  Welcome to the HTML / CSS Help site. On this site you will find:
  • examples of HTML and CSS code,
  • links to how-to pages for tips and tricks not included in the examples,
  • links to free graphics and animations,
  • links to free software programs for coding.
A few resources which are not free, but may be of interest to those willing to pay for the software will be made available. Resources which are not free will be marked with a $. Resources in which some are things are free, but some are not, will not be marked, so make sure you check before downloading anything from a site.

Only tag attributes which work in most browsers and versions of browsers are listed on this site. Some tags may have more attributes which are less widely compatible.

This site is only intended as a reference. All responsibility for use of, or access to, any resource on this site, or any site linked from a website resource listed on this page, whether it be copyright related, any damage to files, computers, or any computer-related sources (hardware, software, and peripherals) are the responsibility of the user of this site.


This site was last updated April 25, 2003.